"NOVA Submitter" - offers a qualitatively new level of functional opportunities, responding to recent demands of professional adult-webmasters.
"NOVA Submitter" - inherits all the best from advanced analogues and offers a list of new unique ideas and opportunities.
"NOVA Submitter" - is a result of close, team-work of professional programmers and adult-webmasters.

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last news

We have updated LL database.

Till the end of january all prices on nova submitter comes with 50% Discount! Happy New Year To Everyone!

We have updated TGP and LL databases.

We have updated all three databases. You can get them in "Download" section.

Nova Submitter v1.23 is Ready!

Here is the list of new functions:
- faster submit on multipage sites. Vanilla script and many more now can run in auto-submit.
- the program now runs even faster, if disabled cookie management. This is very good for webmasters who submit one time a day.
- For Link-List database added two fields in Descriptor - Custom description 1 and 2
- For TGP/MGP database added field best image URL
- Thumber now sorts photos by vertical, square and horizontal
- all databases are updated
- Manual fully rewriten with samples of adding new sites and submission.

We celebrate Christmas and New Year with You! - NEW YEARS HOT OFFER - discounts on all prices 50% (offer ends on 1st february 2007).
1. one month - 15,00 USD
2. three months - 30,00 USD
3. one year - 90,00 USD
4. partner accounts request database for TGP/MGP - 15,00 USD

We have updated TGP and Link-List databases.

We have updated TGP database.

We have updated Link-List database.

We have updated Link-List database.

We have released new version!
The program started to generate recips on the mirrors even better.
Cookies can now be stored in separate folders rather than in the profile (file) itself.
The multi-page form submission algorithm has been improved.
Now you can enable the program to auto-submit a larger number of sites.
Now it is possible to select several sites in Submitter/Errors by using Ctrl and, pressing the right mouse button, select the "Submit in manual" menu for repeated manual submission of the selected sites.
Also, all three databases have been renewed, and some slight errors have been corrected.

We have updated TGP and Link-List databases.

We have updated TGP and Link-List databases.

We have updated all three databases. You can get them in "Download" section.

We have updated all three databases. You can get them in "Download" section.

New version is ready!
Now it is possible to export the base together with the key. So you can protect the base, having indicated only the permitted domain names, as well as having limited it by time. Now anyone, who wants, it can make his own base of sites and sell it to other users of the program. Apart from the said, it is possible to export the base even without the key. When exporting, it is possible to assign certain niches and categories, if you do not want to export the base completely.
Some TGP passed on to softcore thumbs only, because of 2257 rules. In this connection, in the program there is a division of thumbs into hardcore/softcore.
Viewing of the text recips is provided in the Site section.
At the base Update it is possible now to see what sites have been added.
From now on it is possible to assign the sites option - submit once every 2-7 days.
Now there is function of collation of your URLs list with the base ( Database->Compare Submit URLs )
2 additional fields, which you can use at your discretion, have appeared in the descriptor for the TGP base.Keywords field, which is sometimes present the submit forms, is added as well.

We have updated TGP and Link-List databases.

We have fixed some problems found in 1.19. Please update your copy of Nova Submitter to v1.20. Also new databases for TGP and Link-Lists are ready.

New version is ready!
Below we provide a list of all new features:
You can check the complete base for changing of submit forms!
All recips are now divided into groups. It enables the program to unite approximately similar recips into one mirror.
Filters have been added to generator, so that you could further diversify the mirror generation.
There appeared the function to create text recips of one type and for all sites. It will enable you, for example, to make a beautiful frame out of Link-List names.
In section Sites/Browser there appeared a possibility to preset niche recips more comfortably, as well as niche submits URLs.
You can now add your own categories and niches.

We have released new version!
Site manager has been completely redone. Now, all the site data is located in one window and it will simplify the process of adding of sites.
"Submit semi-automatic mode" has been added to the submitter. When the button Submit Auto is clicked in the bookmark Manual, sites in all 5 windows will start loading and you will have to only check correctness of filling the form and click Submit on the page. While shifting to the other window, the previous one will be loaded with the next site out of the list.
Link-Lists that require registration, will pass in the automatic mode without any problems.
You can quickly register graphic and text recips. For installation of graphic recip now it is sufficient to press Save picture as... on the picture, and for the text one simply select the text and make a Copy.
You can set ALT tag for graphic recips.
Own recip is set in random places of mirrors.
Now you can set status key words (successful and errors) for all the sites simultaneously.

Link-List mirrors creation structure has been changed. Now, all HTML files will be stored in one directory per mirror.
Stability of program performance has been enhanced.
Sharpen/blur filter appeared in the Thumber.
Now you can give different variants of site names and its description. For example, Blonde Teen Showing Her Panties, or blonde teen showing her panties.
You can check all sites for presence of URLs submit pages replications.
Now you can provide comments to every site for own notes, and show them at submit in manual mode.
Checking function of all the fields of the site submit page for difference from the base has been provided.

We have updated all three databases. You can get them in "Download" section.

A new version of Nova Submitter has been released!
There is now a base of partner accounts query for TGP/MGP. The base includes about 500 sites, the base is accessible only for our clients. The price for the base is $30 - the attachment to a single domain. All users who have paid the program for three and more months have FREE access to the base.

A list of new functions of the program may be found below:
Now you can create thumbs for your galleries directly from the program.
There is an option to confirm multiple mail-boxes simultaneously in a single profile.
You can set the Recip generation regime in the Generator settings. There is an option to generate, if possible, similar Recips or to generate Recips in a different way. In both cases all rules assigned to the sites will be complied.
There is an option to create 1 personal Recip in the Generator for all generated galleries. This will help you marketing your site (if any).
For convenience there is shortcut key F1 (Submit) in the Submitter, the number of manually-edited dialog boxes is extended to 5, and a right-click in the Submitter sites gives a friendly context menu.
Now in case of an incorrect identification of the submitter status you can enter a text portion to identify both correct and incorrect status.
The new version of the program has an option to authorise with the Nova Submitter server through HTTP proxy.
In case you do not have a direct access to the Internet or you are under the Firewall, you can use the program now.
If you have registered and failed to use the program, write to us a letter claiming to prolong your account by two weeks.

New version of Nova Submitter has been released!
Here is the list of new opportunities:
There has appeared an opportunity to modify completely the database.
Since now you will see the different statuses of Errors when submitting (i.e. Banned, Recip Error...).
There have been appeared various modes of confirm.
There has been made support for all sites where authorization is required. (For example for TGP PicHunter).
Since now you can switch all sites to "manual submit" mode.
There has appeared an opportunity to emulate various e-mail clients for submit by mail.
There has been made support of sites, with various graphic recips , depending on a category. (For example for Link-List PenisBot).
There has been added an opportunity to set various patterns of e-mail letters, depending on the chosen category.
Since now the program will always go to necessary URL, depending on a category. It is especially actual when submiting to Link-Lists.
There is now support of installation of tick during submitting on a necessary category or type of gallery.
There has appeared the opportunity of searching for a site name in database by its domain.
When the connect with FTP server fails, the program will automatically reconnect, and resume upload.

We have released new version. You'll find many new opportunities, that will help you to distribute your galleries world-wide. Here is the list of most interesting innovations: Import/Export of projects, preview of generated mirrors, the view of e-mails in confirmer is not worse than in mail-client, possibility to change proxy-servers with authorization module, and tools to manage "amount of galleries per day".

New version of the program released. Added support for logins and passwords for SMTP, thumber now produces quality just as good as photoshop, added pay for 1 submit, for Link-Lists added support for editing folder names and the ability to select sites that will be generated in main folder, and more...

Fixed some bugs with Submitter and TGP/MGP database.

The base is enlarged and renewed. 1200 TGP/MGP + 300 LL = 1500!

Since now NS can recognize more graphic codes - 30!

The algorithm of putting recips is improved. Now it works according to the category chosen by user, that is especially important while submitting to "link-lists"!

The support of "link-lists" is added.